Lilies are lovely

The Iron Rail is a Book Collective coordinated and maintained by volunteers.

We have four goals:

  1. To provide New Orleans residents and guests with access to radical literature.
  2. To promote literacy through reading materials, reading groups, workshops, discussions, lectures, and other programming.
  3. To create an inclusive, inviting, pro-woman, queer friendly space that welcomes people of all ages, skin colors, and economic classes.
  4. To serve as a networking and meeting space for local organizations as well as radical and community projects. We envision this work as part of a larger social movement, pursuing a more just and equitable society.

Having been priced out of our luxurious French Quarter boutique, and our ultra luxurious Marigny condo, we currently do not have a physical, storefront location.

If you would like to get involved with the collective, our weekly meeting is every Wednesday at 8pm. Since we don’t have a home at the moment, we might be meeting on Architect St, Louisa St, or Banks St. Drop us a line if you’d like to meet up.

iron rail book collective @ gmail .com


Our library is mostly in storage, but a rotating selection is sometimes available for borrowing.

The bookshop offered books from presses such as PM, Verso, South End Press, Last Gasp, AK Press, and many others. We specialize in radical politics/culture and good local books about and by New Orleanians… with a sideline in challenging & interesting fiction.

Our non-fiction collections cover a broad spectrum, ranging from anarchist theory, feminism, gender/queer and race studies to history, philosophy and spirituality. We even have children’s’ books!

The record rack stocked vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes. We used to carry punk, ska, hardcore, metal, indie rock, and more!