Lupercalia: The Werewolf Ball – Thursday, February 13

Lupercalia: The Werewolf Ball – Thursday, February 13

February 9, 2014 2:43 pm 0 comments

Of interest to friends of the Iron Rail:

Come out this Thursday the 13th to this building in the CBD where the Loup Garou werewolf crew will be holding their 4th annual masked ball. However costumes are not strictly necessary, & in fact the reason I’m sending this e-mail is that the lycanthropes of Loup Garou have generously agreed to split the proceeds of their party with a new quarterly print publication, The Ark of New Orleans.

Named after the former 511 Marigny, The Ark’s still-evolving mission (in a highly subjective nutshell) is to carry on the work of our city’s many anti-establishment publications from previous decades (The NOLA Express, The Outsider, The Word et al.) and host a deliberately intergenerational conversation about our city’s past and future, and to smash down those seeking any future that would exclude the poor and fucked-up. Plus an environmental angle. Plus more. The Ark will be beautiful and full of poetry, art, original sheet music by local musicians– it’s very worth supporting, I promise!

The Ball will be lovely in its own right and is in a fun space. Enjoy the fusty ol’ CBD before it’s all loft apartments… Here is the “Facebook Invite” and the flyer with gorgeous art by Happy (who is also one of the people involved in The Ark)!


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