Blog Updated with New Links

Blog Updated with New Links

October 22, 2009 4:01 pm 1 comment

The links on the right side of the blog have been updated and revised.

We’ve added some new organizations to the list. Some we just forgot to list, and some are new groups:
-common ground health clinic
-nola bookfair
-restaurant workers organization (ROC)
-v.o.t.e. nola

Check them out.

And check out the video of the first ROC protest, on Bourbon St.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for wanting to come show your support for these restaurant
    workers tonight! Essentially the main issue at Tony Moran's is that
    they seem to have developed an elaborate system for not paying their
    workers, although they will pay them just enough so that oftentimes
    workers will continue on there in the hopes that at some point their
    grievances will be addressed and they will be paid for their work.

    One common practice is that when all workers arrive for their shift,
    they are not allowed to clock in for usually at least 1-2 hours after
    the shift began. During this time they are prepping for service,
    having staff meetings, etc. but it is expected that they will not be
    paid for this time working.

    They also take a standard 20% off the top of all the tips the tipped
    workers earn each pay period (for tips this is weekly) that is not
    accounted for. There is a certain percentage that is paid out to the
    busser and the bartender, but those are much smaller percentages (like
    5% and 1%), however on top of that there is another 20% that the
    workers never see. This has been a consistent complaint from EVERYONE
    that we've talked to who has been a tipped worker there, however when
    some have asked management for an explanation, they just get a shrug
    and a "we'll look into it" which never goes anywhere.

    We first heard stories about Tony Moran's earlier this spring, as the
    word was that many people who worked banquets for them during Mardi
    Gras never got paid. We found a couple of people that got paid maybe
    about 1/5 they were owed from those parties a couple of months later,
    and after consistently asking the restaurant for the money they owed
    them. There are still many more who were never paid anything.

    One of the workers who is currently on our complaint/demand letter
    just recently stopped going to his shifts, as for two weeks
    mysteriously there was no paycheck for him, and so he got frustrated
    and decided to stop going. Unfortunately, this seems to be more the
    rule as opposed to the exception. In short, wage theft is happening
    in many ways at this restaurant, and even the workers who are now
    still too scared to stand up against this and demand they get paid in
    full are still wanting to see this campaign succeed, because the
    bottom line is that restaurants like Tony Moran's have been getting
    away with this, especially in the French Quarter, for way too long,
    and until somebody stands up against it and says it needs to stop, it
    will just continue like business as usual.

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